Red Gate Castle

Red Gate Castle was initially built in the 1793 and was completed in 1793. The project lasts 54 years. It covers a total area of 25,000 square meters and has 88 yards with 776 rooms. The whole building was constructed along the mountain slope. There are four rows of yards from the low place to the high place. When viewed from the above, the whole building looks like a Chinese character ‘wang’王 .Besides, the local person regards it as a dragon which is proudly off. The style of the yards is very unique. At present, Wang’s museum and Li Qun art gallery are set up inside it. They are a must-see in here.

Sima Yard----Sima Yard, Wang Yinde ‘s residence, is located in Red Gate Castle. Entering into the yard, you first get through a long and narrow alley and you will see two small doors are on the right side and a door is at the end of the alley. The four yards were skillfully linked by the three exquisite doors. The themes of the four yards are promotion in official post, salary raise, adding to your happiness and longevity.

Green door yard---- Green door yard, Wang Zhongji’s residence, is located in Red Gate Castle. This is a typical sihe courtyard in northern China. The luxurious courtyard is decorated with exquisite carvings, especially, the wood carving “the story of the bed is full of hu”(hu is a kind of palm-like board holding in ministers’ hand and a symbol of official position)and the stone carving” four love pictures” are highlights in here.

Dingjia Garden---- The gardens are shared by the family members who lived in the Red Gate Castle. The layout is divided into two parts: the front garden and the back yard. The four front yards are linked by each other. At the hosts’ leisure, they were strolling at the gardens and enjoying the landscape. Besides, it was a good place where the hosts were reading and writing.