Architectural Art

The Wang Courtyard is known for that it is beautiful, solid and practical. Above all, it fully reflects the majestic and forceful of the folk residence with the perfect combination of the cultural connotation, selected location and the internal design. According to the feudal hierarchy, it combines not only the gardening skill, landscape art but also the northern building style and the southern garden style.

The buildings of Wang Courtyard are full of local flavor. As a typical traditional ancient building, it almost has contained all the cultural art connation. There are three aspects contributed to it: site election, architectural structure and layout.

The site selection of Wang Courtyard is very scientific and practical.  First, it is built along the north hill of the Jingsheng Village. It occupies a high position and faces south. In winter, the high castle wall can stop the heavy winds. With a southern exposure, it can enjoy enough sunshine. Secondly, with the natural drainage ditch in direction from north to south, there is no floods and waterlog. Third, it was surrounds by hill and river. When you look down from above, there are farmlands, gardens and river stretched for several miles. If you look around here, you will deeply impressed by the continuous mountains.

The design of the courtyard fully represents multiculturalism. It absorbs the characters of various class residences, applies the scientific connotation of Yin-yang and five elements and follows the principles of ethic and morality. Moreover, it fully represents the characters of courtyard and the features of garden. From the outside, it looks like a castle. Inside, however, it looks like a labyrinth.

The building is like an encyclopedia that embraces a great number of subjects such as philosophy, ethnic and history. It was divided into two parts: the front yard and the back yard. The front yard is timber frame. The back yard is two storeys cave. It perfectly combines the timber frame and stone-brick cave in one building. The superb decorating style fully represents the architecture character in northern China. Moreover, the layout of the building applies the most common form but has its unique style.