Wang Grand Courtyard

Wang Grand Courtyard Overview

Wang Grand Courtyard is located in Jingsheng Village, 12 kilometers east of Lingshi County, Shanxi Province. It is 35 km away from to the Ancient City Pingyao and 4 km away from Mianshan Mountain. Owing to the Famous Mountain and Great River and famous courtyards and temples in Shanxi Province, it is a very good scenic spots to be chosen. The traffic is very convenient, for the Tong-Pu railway, the 108- national road are wandering through Lingshi County, moreover, the Wang Grand Courtyard is 2 km away from the Exit of Dayun Highway.

Wang Grand Courtyard is a comprehensive expression of the folk residence in the Qing Dynasty and a typical example of the 5000 years civilization history. It was built by the Wang family in the Jingsheng Village. The family history can be traced back to 700 years ago. The family moved to this village in the Yuan Dynasty and was prosperity in the Ming Dynasty and the early of the Qing Dynasty, declining in the late of the Qing Dynasty. Over 200 years, the family built 5 castles, 5 alleys and a business street. It occupies a total area of 250,000 square meters. At present, there are four parts have been opened to the public, which includes the Gaojiaya, Red Gate Castle ,Shilv Castle and the Wang Family Temple. It covers a total area of 80,000 square meters and contains 231 yards with 2078 rooms.

The three castle-like buildings, Shilv Castle, Red Gate Castle and Gaojiaya were built along the hill. The designer absorbs the elements of three schools of thought: the Political Strategists, the merchant and the Confucianism. The main courtyard was divided into two parts: antechamber and dormitory district. It carried on the style of the Xizhou Dynasty. Besides, there are rich varieties and beautiful carvings which were described in flowers, birds, fishes, insects, tales and so on to express the Wang family instruction and the cultural connotation.

It is a large ancient building complex with amazing architectural art and deep-rooted cultural connotation that’s known all over the world. It has been said that it is the first folk house in China, the Forbidden City in Shanxi and the imperial palace in folk residence. A slogan described that if you have visited Wang courtyard, you wouldn’t need to visit other courtyard. Is it true or not? You decide it.