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Jingsheng Confucian Temple

Jingsheng Confucius Temple Overview

Jingsheng Confucius Temple, a provincial key cultural relic preservation unit provincial, is situated in Wang Courtyard scenic spot. It is initially built in the second year of Huizong Emperor in the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1336). Until now, it has seven hundred years history. It is a village level Confucius Temple with distinguished features and is as beautiful as county level temple.

With a total area of 3500 square meters, its scale is not large, but it includes a series of buildings, such as, Lingxing Gate, Panchi Pool, Champion Bridge, Dacheng Gate,Dacheng  Hall and Classic Collection Building. The screen wall was dubbed as the first screen wall can be found in here which embodies the high historic value, scientific value and artistic value.