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Pingyao Ancient City Overview



Being one of the four wholly-protected ancient cities in China, Pingyao Ancient City is thought of as the 'treasure house' of ancient Chinese architectures. It is situated in the south of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, the history of its original construction dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th Century BC -771BC ) and later being enlarged in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) for defense reasons.

Among the 'Three Treasures' of Pingyao, the City Wall is rated highest, the other two being Zhengguo Temple, and Shuanglin Temple. Although there have been repeated renovations, the city walls, streets, shops, temples and other buildings are still in a very good condition.

With a total length of six kilometers (about four miles), the city wall is about 12 meters (about 40 ft) tall and 3 to 6 meters (about 10-20 ft) wide on top. The wall is of compacted earth covered by bricks and stones. From a bird's eye view the rectangular wall resembles a tortoise. There are six city gates, one each on the north and south walls, and two each on the west and east walls. The south gate is the head of the tortoise, the two wells outside being the two eyes of tortoise. The north gate, the lowest place of the city, is the tail of tortoise. Traditionally the tortoise was considered a symbol of longevity, so through ancient times the hopes were that the Ancient City would be permanently secure. There are 72 watchtowers on the top of city wall and 3,000 external battlements. It is said that the 72 watchtowers represent 72 people of great wisdom, the 3,000 battlements the 3,000 disciples of Confucius.


Mianshan Mountain Overview


Mianshan Mountain is the birthplace of national intangible cultural heritage -- the Chinese Qingming/Hanshi Festival. It is located in Jiexiu City of central Shanxi Province, 137 kilometers south of Taiyuan and 125 kilometers north of Linfen.

The mountain is noted for its natural and cultural scenes, especially for its cultural relics. Visitors can take a five- to seven-day trip to learn about Cold Food culture, Buddhist culture, Taoist culture, military culture or health preservation culture.

Covering an area of 75 square kilometers, the mountain is a national scenic spot with 14 tourist areas and 400 attractions.


Mianshan Mountain Overview


With a height of 2532 meters and as o¬ne of the main mountains of Taiyue Mountain, the Shigao Mountain is located in the north part of Taiyue Mountain, 35 kilometers southeast of the Lingshi County. The beauty spot in the Shigao Mountain covers an area of 60 square kilometers, but o¬nly 6 square kilometers for tourism have been opened up.

The Shigao Mountain has three grottos. It is a pity that he biggest bottom o¬ne was destroyed in the war. However, the other two grottos still attract many tourists.

With abundant forest and waterpower resources, the Shigao Mountain is known for its charming natural scenery.